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112 Country Club Drive, Titusville, Florida • Phone: (321) 264-4226

Monday-Friday 8 am to 6 pm • Saturday 8 am to 12 noon • Sunday & Holidays 4:30 pm to 5 pm CHECK OUR HOLIDAY SCHEDULE FOR CHANGES

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From Ed & Evie Michalak




Professional Pet Care

Professional pet styling for dogs, cats and small animals. 

Supervised play during the day.

Over-night care for dogs, cats, small animals and exotics.

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We are the owners of the Pet Resort. We started the Pet Resort in 2007. We are residents of Titusville and are proud to be a part of this community. We both love animals of all kinds and have a few of our own including a hamster, fish, a pitbull mix, a toy poodle, a funny looking shih tzu mix, a few cats, a horse, and a bird. We enjoy caring for more than just dogs and cats. Over the years we've had ducks, chinchillas, frogs, rabbits, and pigs.

We are directly involved in the daily operations. From cleaning kennels, taking the dogs out, cuddling with the cats, bathing, and grooming, we are hands on in our company. We strive to hire reliable, compassionate, and intelligent people to care for your pets.

If you are pleased with your experience please consider sharing a good review on Google or Yelp. If you are displeased or have any concerns please call and speak to us. We want to know if something is wrong, could be improved upon, or if there has been a misunderstanding.

Thank you,

Evie and Ed Michalak