How do you know if a dog is not OK in group play? How do you care for dogs that don't get to play with everyone else?
Dogs that are allowed in group play are happy, outgoing, well socialized and well mannered. Typically, dogs will be removed from group play if they show signs of fear, being overwhelmed, general avoidance of other dogs, too exuberant/obnoxious play styles, mounting or harassing behavior, or general displeasure of group outings. A dog doesn't have to be "aggressive" to be removed from group play. If they are not having a good time running around with others it is not fair to make them stay in the group. Dogs that are removed from group play and made a "separation" are taken out with staff only and given one-on-one time to potty, play, and receive affection. We do not allow pit bulls or bully breeds to join group play. We charge an additional daily fee for dogs that cannot be in group play and are given one-on-one time with the staff. All dogs in our care are taken out four times each day, including  dogs that go out with only staff.

Our dog will only sleep on her fluffy rug, why can't we bring it? Will she have to sleep on a cold floor?
When we first started the Pet Resort we allowed bedding to be brought from home, even encouraged it.  Then we ran into problems, mostly with the need to wash the beds and send them home with their owners.  Beds were getting misplaced, destroyed in the wash, and some beds couldn't be adequately washed due to their size/construction.  Additionally, some people have pest control issues that they are unaware of.  The potential risk of fleas and ticks being brought in on bedding was enough to have us change our policy.  We provide all bedding.  We have a wide assortment of blankets, bolster beds, sheets and other bedding.  Your pet will be provided a clean, appropriate bed daily.

What do you do to prevent the spread of kennel cough, fleas/ticks and other illnesses?
Please know that anytime you take your pet where other animals are or have been you run the risk of them picking up illness and parasites.  Although we can never eliminate all of the risk to your pet, we do everything we can to reduce that risk.
Fleas and ticks:   We have the interior of our property professionally treated every four weeks and the exterior treated every two weeks.  We check the pets in our care at drop-off for signs of fleas and ticks.  If any pet is found to carry these pests they are promptly treated (at the pet owners' expense).
Communicable illness:   Moist, stagnant air can harbor organisms that can be harmful to your pets.  Our facility is equipped with exhaust fans and HVAC systems that ensure proper airflow throughout the building. Any pet in our care that appears to be of questionable health is isolated from other animals and may be taken to the vet for diagnosis and treatment.  Overall cleanliness is the best way to prevent illness.  We thoroughly clean each suite and kenneling areas daily, disinfect our grooming equipment, and immediately remove feces from the yard during outings.

I want to tour your facility.  Why do you have such short tour hours? 
We want you to see the facility where your pet will be kept and have the confidence in your choice to leave them with us.  We want you to leave with peace of mind that your pet is well cared for and happy. Our facility is small and we have dogs running loose at all times. For pet and people safety, we have to cage every dog when we bring people through. During the day with check-ins and check-outs we typically cannot do this. We set our tour times during our slower periods so that we can take the time to show the facility and answer your questions.

If my pet becomes ill or injured while staying with you, what do you do?  Will you bring him/her to our vet?
For superficial scratches/wounds, we will typically clean and dress the area in the kennel and write up an incident report that will be handed to you at pick up.  If the injury/illness could be contagious or we feel it requires veterinary attention we will call you and/or your emergency contact person on file. We will take your pet to the closest available vet, which may not be your vet.  We maintain great working relationships with a couple of vets in the area and the emergency clinic in Melbourne.  All vet expenses are the responsibility of the pet owner.    

Can we drop-off or pick-up our pets outside of your business hours?
We try to accommodate emergency situations when they arise.  If you have an unexpected event in your life that makes it necessary to drop your pet off outside of business hours, please call our after-hours number (321) 246-4104. Additional fees may apply.  Otherwise, all other drop offs and pick ups must be handled during regular hours.  In order to accommodate the varied traveling plans of our customers, we offer pick up and drop off times on Sundays and holidays.

Why do you charge more for animals that are not spayed or neutered (intact)?  Are they provided the same care?
Intact animals can have more behavioral issues when placed in a group setting like ours.  These pets usually have to be separated for their safety and that of our other boarders.  Additionally, we cannot place intact males and intact females in the yard together. We still provide the same level of care and attention we give to all of our boarders. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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